Learn how to cook award winning competition style BBQ with Lance Moore of West Texas Pit Masters. Friday eve we have a meet and greet with a steak dinner. Saturday Morning at 9am we will discuss all 4 meats in depth from, meat selection, in-jections and brines, trimming meats, time lines, presentations, and sampling of finished products. Saturday eve you will com-pete in a IBCA style cook off, you will prep your own meats and fire up your own pits and apply what you have learned. I will be available all night to discuss all aspects of the cook. Sunday you will turn in your meats to a head judge and your food will be judged by experienced judges. The class will be limited to only 12 students and their pits. The cost of the class is $350.00 , if you would like to bring a teammate the cost will be $150.00.
Note: No refunds on cooking school registration. The enrollment will be applied to the next available class that the student can par-ticipate in.

West Texas Pit Masters November 10th Team Member

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